How to Make Money with a Blog

How to Make Money with a Blog

Let’s face it – all the technical stuff, the complicated decisions and the platform options are not important to you right now. You want to know where the money is. Don’t worry my friend – it’s coming. Blogging has become one of the single easiest profit building tools out there and for affiliate marketers with only minimal technical knowledge, it’s the absolute first tool in your kit at all times.

But, the rest of this stuff is still important. Gotta walk before you run and you have to crawl before you can walk and right now we’re all crawling together as we get your first blog up and running. Eventually, however, the opportunities for profit are going to be more than you can count. Here are just some of the many, ways marketers use to start a basic blog into an income source:

Review Site

A classic blog with reviews intermittently incorporated can make a LOT of money if the readers are there. The goal for you will be to find a niche in need of solid reviews and a readership that will trust what you have to say about a new product.

Banner Ads

High traffic sites can often make money without having to openly shill anything. Banner ads take advantage of valuable screen real estate and most people expect them to be there.

List Building

Every affiliate marketing blog should use list building as a money making tactic. A flying popover or even just an in-text form helps get readership on your side and build a long term relationship that can be leveraged for sales.

Squeeze Page

Using a blog as a squeeze page requires valuable, enticing content of some sort, but the platform is perfect for it and requires almost no coding on your end.

Direct Sales

More and more IM sites are using WordPress and other CMS platforms for making their sales. They provide plugins for processing payments, creating memberships, and managing large chunks of content in a membership site.

Viral Hub

Long, link baiting posts, videos, and images make fantastic viral content and as a blog, you are prime bait for other sites seeking fresh content.


Any style of blog can benefit from AdSense placement, especially if you can create a true authority site and generate regular traffic.

As you can see, there are a LOT of ways to make money with a blog and this is only scratching the surface. However this are just few ways to make money through blogging. To learn more keep updates with our website and visit our How to make money page.

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